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1/2" ID Non-Weighted Diffuser Bubble Tubing

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  • Diffuser aeration tubing.
  • Special porous design allows bubbling along the length of the hose.
  • Very economical method to aerate large ponds and small lakes.
  • Recommended Flow Rate: 0.45-1.1 CFM per linear foot.

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This 1/2 Inch ID Non-Weighted Diffuser Bubble Tubing from Matala offers an economical alternative to traditional membrane disc and stone diffusers. Instead of having an air hose that delivers air to a few concentrated points in your pond, this hose provides bubbling oxygenation across its entire length!

Made from recycled materials, this diffuser tubing is perfect for aerating ponds or lakes. The increase in oxygen it provides improves the water's quality and clarity, which helps fish, water plants, beneficial bacteria and other aquatic life.

This tubing has a recommended CFM flow rate of 0.45-1.1 CFM per linear foot.

This air line requires significant pressure from an air pump, typically 1 HP or greater for every 10 to 15 feet of running hose.

Please note that due to the porous nature of this hose, care should be taken when bending it, or rips may occur in the membrane. Hosing is most pliable in warm conditions (70 degrees or above).

Available in Sizes:  

24' length
50' length
100' length

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