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12 Head High Output Ultrasonic Fogger

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  • Create a misty fog effect using only water!
  • Provide a layer of mystery and atmosphere to your water features or fountains.
  • Can be used with a float ring to provide a truly unique aesthetic in ponds and water gardens.
  • Very popular in Halloween themed displays.
  • Provides approximately 12 sq. ft. of heavy and thick fog.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ceramic Disc Size: 20 mm.
  • Ultrasonic foggers can be used with distilled, tap, well or pond water. See below for details!

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The 12 head high output fogger is the ultimate mist maker for ponds, water features and fountains. This low profile mist maker utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to create very heavy thick fog from water vapor, no additional chemicals necessary! The 12 head fogger is a very popular addition to seasonal Halloween displays as well as year round displays that may call for the mystique that only fog can provide. This mist maker is also compatible with our float rings, this can provide truly unique results when used in a pond or water garden! Especially when used in conjunction with LED lighting. The 12 Head High Output Fogger provides about 12 sq ft. of thick and heavy fog that tends to be low hanging, perfect for framing a statuary fountain or covering the floor in spooky Halloween display.

Each disc on the 12 Head Fogger is 20 mm in diameter and can be replaced during routine maintenance. Water consumption is rated for 3000 ml/hour and functions best when each disc membrane is about 1"-2" below water level.

The fogger is 6" Diameter x 2.5" Tall and comes equipped with transformer and a 32 ft. 120 V power cord.

Water Choices and Maintenance for Ultrasonic Foggers and Misters:

If you use tap, rain, well or pond water, the fogger's sensor for low water level should work properly and shut the fogger off when the water level drops below the recommended level. However, minerals common in these water sources will often corrode the (replaceable) ceramic fogging disc(s) faster, requiring it (the disc) to be replaced more often.

If you use distilled water, your ceramic discs will last longer because of the water quality, but you will need to be vigilant when checking the water levels so the fogger does not run dry. This is important because when using purified water, the fogger's sensor for low water will not work properly (because it cannot sense the conductivity in the water). The fogger may not sense when to shut the fogger off (to prevent burnout of the ceramic disc) if the water level drops below the recommended level.

Using a fogger float or buoy, is highly recommended as it will keep your fogger at its recommended depth and can greatly increase the longevity of the unit. Floats are especially important if you will be using your fogger with distilled water since the low water sensor of the fogger may not operate properly in this circumstance.

Available Fogger Floats or Buoys: Can be found here.

Replacement Ultrasonic Fogger Discs: Can be found here.



Fogger w/ optional built in color changing LED lights

12 head 

Disc Size: 20 mm in diameter.

32' power cord
120 V
6" D x 2.5" H
Water Consumption Rate : 3000ML/hour
2 Month Warranty