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Anjon Lifeline LL-65 Air Pump

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  • High efficiency air pump for ponds from 2,000-8,000 gallons.
  • Max Airflow: 2.4 CFM / 68 LPM.
  • Designed to operate quietly and reliably 24/7.
  • Overload sensor prevents pump burnout.
  • Can also function as a deicer during winter months.
  • 2 year warranty.


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The Anjon Lifeline Air Pump is ideal for aerating a pond or water garden. Providing quiet operation with low energy consumption, this oil-free pump raises the diffused oxygen level and helps circulate the water. Its improves the water's quality and clarity.

Because pond aeration is essential during summer, this Lifeline Air Pump lives up to its name when hot weather causes water's oxygen level to decline. The oxygen increase it provides helps koi, other fish, water plants and beneficial bacteria. In winter months, the pump's action continues to help break down fish waste, and it prevents the pond surface from completely freezing over. The hole it keeps in surface ice allows toxic gas to escape the pond.




ModelMax Air FlowOutletWattageMax Pond SizeMax DepthOptimal DpethDimensions (LxWxH)
LL-65 2.4 CFM / 68 LPM 5/8" 65 8,000 gal 12 ft. 2 to 6 ft. 8" x 7" x 9"

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