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EasyPro 2 Way Brass Air Splitter SS10

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  • 2 valve brass statuary splitter
  • Can operate multiple water features from a single pump
  • Valves have 3/4 inch FPT outlets
  • Main body has 1 inch threads
  • The large connections allow for a larger water or air pump

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The EasyPro 2 Way Brass Air Splitter SS10 can be connected to one pump and send water to multiple pond statuary, such as two fountains or two decorative pond spitters. Operate even more water features by attaching several of these splitters end to end.

The splitter can be attached to larger sized air or water pumps for greater versatility. (pump and tubing not included).

Splitter accepts standard nylon male adapters. It has 1" threads on the main body and 3/4" female thread outlets.

Weight: 2 lbs.

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