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  • Easypro PA34W Rocking Piston Aeration Kit

EasyPro PA34 Complete Rocking Piston Aeration Systems | 1/4 HP

Warranty Information

  • Fully aerate ponds up to 2 acres and at a maximum depth of 25 feet deep up to 50 feet deep (depending on model choice)!
  • Ideal for natural mud-bottom farm ponds.
  • Built for continuous use to oxygenate and circulate water.
  • Complete systems with durable construction. Some models include a cabinet for protection from harsh weather!
  • 5 year warranty for air diffuser(s), 3/8" ID weighted tubing and cabinet (if included), and 2 year warranty for air compressor.

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Product Description

Pond depth and pond shape are two primary factors in selecting the proper aeration system for your pond. In general, the deeper the pond, the less air diffusers that are needed and the more uniform the shape (ex: round) the less diffusers needed.  For example, an irregular shaped pond or a long, narrow pond might require two or more air diffusers whereas a  round pond might only need one diffuser.

Each EasyPro Rocking Piston PA34X Aeration Systems include some combination of everything needed to aerate a pond: tubing, air diffuser(s) and air compressor. By adding oxygen and circulating water, every system improves pond health, which helps water plants, fish and other aquatic life.

These EasyPro aeration systems feature Stratus SRC Gen 2 rocking piston compressors with a 2 year warranty.  These energy efficient compressors operate at a low approximate cost of 40¢ per 24 hours.

Deluxe aeration systems are designated with a "D" in the name.  A Deluxe aeration system includes all the components of a basic system (compressor, air tubing and diffuser) but in addition, features a lockable steel cabinet. The compressor is mounted inside and plumbing, pressure gauge, cooling fan and electrical outlet are also installed.  

An aeration system with "DP" in the name is a deluxe model with the air compressor installed in a post-mounted steel cabinet, an installed cooling fan and a mounted electrical box/outlet ready for your incoming power line.

Each Basic system includes an air outlet with pressure relief valve, fittings and clamps.

Each Deluxe system has a valved outlet assembly, pressure relief valve and pressure gauge installed.

Please Note: The PA34 has poly air tubing (non-weighted). The other models have weighted air tubing.

Available Models & Specs:

Max Air Output
Max Pond Size
Max Depth
PA34 - 1/4 HP 
2.3 CFM 
1 acre
25+ ft. 
100 ft. 3/8" ID poly (Non-weighted)
PA34W - 1/4 HP w/ Weighted Air Line
2.3 CFM
1 acre
25+ ft.
100 ft. 3/8" ID Weighted Quick Sink
PA34WLD - 1/4 HP w/o Diffusers
2.3 CFM
1 acre
12-16 ft
100 ft. 3/8" Quick Sink 
PA34DP - 1/4 HP Deluxe w/ Cabinet 
2.3 CFM
1 acre
25+ ft.
100 ft. 3/8" ID Weighted Quick Sink
PA34-2 -1/4 HP 2 Diffusers, No Tubing
2.3 CFM
2 acres
50 ft
None included

Other Details

Recommended Pond Size:
Large Ponds 1/8 - 1 Acre
Recommended Pond Size:
Large Ponds 1 - 2 Acres
Recommended Pond Size:
Large Ponds 2+ Acres:

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