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EasyPro PA75 Rotary Vane Pond Aeration System | 3/4 HP

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  • Fully aerate ponds up to 4 acres and operate at a maximum depth of up to 18 feet!
  • Designed to continuously operate to oxygenate and circulate water.
  • Operates at 10 CFM.
  • Dual voltage 115/230v.
  • Features powerful RV75 3/4 hp Compressor!
  • The PA75D Sentinel Deluxe System with locking steel cabinet can be found here.

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EasyPro's Rotary Vane Aeration Systems will improve water quality and clarity. Improved oxygen levels increase bacterial action and eliminate thermal stratification. Mixing action creates more uniform water temperatures and promote healthier fish. Protects against winter kill in freezing climates.

Pond depth and pond shape are two primary factors in selecting the proper aeration system for your pond. In general, the deeper the pond, the fewer air diffusers that are needed, and the more uniform the shape (ex: round) the fewer diffusers needed.  For example, an irregular shaped pond or a long, narrow pond might require two or more air diffusers whereas a round pond might only need one diffuser.

These systems are able to aerate a pond up to 6 acres, and have a maximum operational depth of 18'. At a depth of 5-8', they will aerate a 1 1/2 acre pond, at 8-12' they will aerate 3 acres, or at 12-16' deep they will aerate up to 6 acres.

Every compressor has a valved outlet assembly, a pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge installed, simply set cabinet in desired location, install the air diffusers and connect the tubing!

PA75A kit does not include tubing, making it an ideal solution where custom tubing lengths can be purchased as needed. Connections are set up for 1/2″ ID tubing.

ModelMax DepthMax Pond SizeMax Air OutputVoltageHorsepowerDiffusersTubing
PA75A 18' 4 Acres 10 CFM / 283.2 LPM 115/230V 3/4 HP (4) QS2 Quick Sink ---
PA75W 18' 4 Acres 10 CFM / 283.2 LPM 115/230V 3/4 HP (4) QS2 Quick Sink 600 ft. 1/2" Quick Sink
PA75WLD 18' 4 Acres 10 CFM / 283.2 LPM 115/230V 3/4 HP --- 600 ft. 1/2" Quick Sink

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