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Custom Pro 10,000 GPH Floating Fountain | 1 HP

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  • Designed for ponds and lakes up to 40,000 square feet in surface area.
  • Includes a powerful 1 HP pump with an energy efficient hybrid motor. Features a 100 ft. power cord.
  • Four fountain nozzles each produce a unique and majestic water display pattern; the JetStream Nozzle Deflector A, JetStream Nozzle Deflector B, Geyser Nozzle and Live Oak Nozzle.
  • The sturdy float is 32 inches in diameter and includes ready to install light mounting holes. An optional LED lighting kit (sold separately), creates a dramatic night-time effect.
  • Voltage: Operates on 110v.

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The Custom Pro 10,000 gph Floating Water Fountain beautifies and aerates ponds and lakes up to approximately 40,000 ft² surface area. 
This stunning and energy efficient  fountain is designed to provide both aesthetic appeal and function by adding oxygen to the water, which promotes a healthy aquatic environment for fish and plants.

In addition to a powerful pump, this fountain includes 4 interchangeable nozzles to produce five unique water display patterns. The patterns range from a classic V-shape spray to a narrow geyser (see images for all 5 options!). Please Note: One nozzle can produce 2 different sprays with use of the deflector.


Cord length: 100 ft. 

Voltage: 110V 

Float Measurements:  32" Diameter. Fountain Float has ready-to-install light mounting holes. 

(See Specs Tab for more data).


An optional LED Light Kit (sold separately-see link below) produces a striking night-time water feature with this fountain.

 Universal Floating Fountain 3-Light White LED Kit:



Maximum FlowHorsepower# of Spray PatternsCord LengthWarranty
10,000 GPH 1 HP 5 100 ft. 2-Year

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