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Custom Pro Pond Air 4-Stone Aeration Kit

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  • Reliable, high-quality aeration kit, including 4 upgraded air stone diffusers!
  • Suited for ponds up to 1,500 gallons and 4' deep.
  • Able to operate all year round, can serve as a de-icer in the winter.
  • Long-lasting, quiet compressor, featuring an adjustable air flow dial.
  • Upgraded air stones are significantly larger with a higher rate of oxygen transfer. See images for comparison!
  • Also comes with 4 bonus aquarium air stones.
  • Includes the compressor, (4) 30' rolls of vinyl tubing, 4 upgraded air stone diffusers, and 4 smaller aquarium air stones as a bonus.


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The Custom Pro Pond Air 4-Stone Aeration Kit is designed for ponds up to 1,500 gallons and 4 feet deep. Originally manufacturerd by EasyPro, this upgraded kit comes with significantly larger air stones, which have a considerably higher rate of oxygen transfer and do not rely on turbulence as much as the standard model. This kit's 4-outlet design allows it to provide aeration even for ponds with an irregular shape.

This kit can operate year-round, serving as an aerator in the summer and a de-icer in the winter. Features an adjustable air flow dial, with a maximum air flow of 0.5 CFM. Includes the compressor, 4 segments of 30' air tubing, 4 upgraded air stones, and 4 smaller aquarium air stones as a free bonus. The compressor features a 4' long power cord. This kit is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Note: The compressor must be protected from the elements. Do not place compressor in low spots where water may puddle. Place compressor in a shaded area that is free from excessive dust or moisture.

ModelMax Pond SizeMax Recommended DepthAir OutputWattageVoltageComponents
Custom Pro 4-Stone Aeration Kit 1,500 Gallons 4 ft. 0.5 CFM / 14.2 LPM 5 Watts 120v

MC10 Compressor

(4) 30' Quick Sink Weighted Tubing

(4) Upgraded air stones

(4) Bonus aquarium air stones

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