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Airmax Complete Shallow Water Aeration System

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  • Aerates ponds and lakes up to 6 feet deep with 1/4 or 1/2 surface acre.
  • Allows beneficial bacteria to colonize more effectively for clearer, beautiful water.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance.
  • Energy efficient.
  • 5 year warranty for weighted diffusers and airline, 2 year warranty for compressor and electrical components, lifetime warranty for cabinet.

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The Airmax Shallow Water Aeration System provides all the benefits of a bottom aeration system for ponds and lakes with a depth up to 6 feet. The Airmax system features multiple plates that evenly distribute aeration.

By providing a continuous flow of air to the bottom of a pond or lake, the system dramatically increases the level of dissolved oxygen in the water, allowing beneficial bacteria to colonize and reduce algae and nitrite levels. The additional oxygen also makes fish much happier and more active!

This system's composite cabinet is 23 inches long, 17 inches wide and 15 inches tall. The system runs on 115 volts of electricity and includes a power cord that is 6 feet long. It also includes ProAir 2 Weighted Diffusers mounted on a weighted sled style platform, a high efficiency SilentAir Linear Diaphragm Compressor and 3/8 inch EasySet weighted airline.

ModelMax Pond SizeMax DepthDiffusersRunning AmpsMax Flow Rate3/8" Weighted Airline
SW20 1/2 Acre 6' 2 0.6 2.5 CFM / 70.8 LPM 200' or None
SW40 1/2 Acre 6' 4 1.1 4.9 CFM / 138.8 LPM 200' or 400'