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Comes with a 3 Year Warranty!

Airmax KoiAir Aeration Kit

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  • Powerful aeration kit oxygenates and circulates koi ponds and water gardens
  • Features an energy efficient SilentAir air pump
  • Includes a virtually maintenance free diffuser membrane, plate assembly and self-weighted airline hose designed to stay at the pond bottom
  • Built for 24/7 constant use, perfect for keeping a hole in surface ice during winter
  • 3 year warranty

$199.99 - $499.99

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The Airmax KoiAir Aeration Kit is a powerful oxygenation system designed for medium to large ponds and water gardens. It includes everything necessary to keep the oxygen level optimal in your pond.

The aeration pump is quiet, extremely energy efficient, with high output. It is designed for continuous use all year. During summer, it keeps the dissolved oxygen level up in a pond. In winter, it helps keep the pond surface from completely icing over.

This kit also includes weighted airline that sinks to the pond bottom. The heavy duty, flexible tubing is very durable, resisting cuts, snags and kinks.

The provided diffuser plate has a sturdy base and a 3/8 inch barbed inlet for fast connection to the airline. The included diffuser(s) provide maximum airflow and bubble dispersal. The tubular, clog resistant rubber membrane diffuser helps reduce maintenance!

Also provided is a power cord that is 6 feet long.


ModelOutputPond SizeWattsDiffuser PlatesMax Diffuser DepthWarranty
KoiAir Mini 0.8 CFM / 22.7 LPM 1000-4000 Gallons 17 1 Mini 4' 3 Year Warranty
KoiAir 1 0.8 CFM / 22.7 LPM 2000-8000 Gallons 17 1 Dual Stick 4' 3 Year Warranty
KoiAir 2 1.7 CFM / 48 LPM 8000-16000 Gallons 35 2 Dual Stick 4' 3 Year Warranty
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    good sturdy product

    Posted by Dean on Jun 29th 2020

    Placed in my 2500 gallon backyard water garden and it is definitely producing very good water movement and aeration. I'm confident it will enhance the health and water quality of the pond here in the heat of Florida. Will of course know more after a few months of usage.