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EasyPro Rock & Waterfall Cleaner

Warranty Information

  • Powerful oxygen based algaecide and cleaner
  • Quickly cleans rocks, waterfalls, fountains, plant pots and statuary
  • Lifts debris to surface where it can easily be removed
  • Can be used to treat a whole pond or as a spot treatment
  • Helps maintain a healthy balanced ecosystem and reduces pond maintenance
  • Safe for fish & aquatic life

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Product Description

EasyPro Rock & Waterfall Cleaner is a granular algaecide and cleaner designed for use in water gardens and koi ponds. This oxygen powered water treatment is perfect for quickly cleaning rocks, waterfalls, fountains, plant pots, and even statuary. EasypPro Rock & Waterfall Cleaner can be used as both to treat a whole pond or as a spot treatment. It is safe for both fish, plants, and pets. EasyPro Rock & Waterfall Cleaner also helps lift debris to the surface of a pond where it can easily be removed. Clean and clear your pond or water feature without the need for time consuming maintenance.



Allow 48 hours between consecutive applications
Avoid contact with plant leaves

Spot Treatments
Apply approximately 1 lb of power for every 300-400 SQFT. to problem areas. When using in waterfalls or streams turn off the pump and then apply the product. Wait 10- 20 minutes before turning pump back on.

Light Dosage
Apply 1-2 oz. per 1000 gallons every 2-4 weeks or as needed.

Heavy Dosage
Apply 3-4 oz. per 1000 gallons every 2-4 weeks or as needed.

For Larger Ponds
Treat no more than 1/3 of pond at a time. Apply 12-15 lbs per acre-foot of water. Double dosage for problem areas may be used.

Product may cause short term spikes in pH levels, check pH before applying
Harmful if swallowed

OXY2 2 lbs treats up to 800 SQFT.
OXY8 8 lbs treats up to 3200 SQFT.

Other Details

Recommended Pond Size:
0-500 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
500-1500 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
1500-3000 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
3000-6000 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
6000-12000 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
12000+ Gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
Large Ponds 1/8 - 1 Acre
Green Water Algae Control
String Algae Control
Chemical Algae Control

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