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Green PondFx Algaecide - Safe for Pond Fish

Warranty Information

  • Treats string algae and rids ponds of unsightly green debris.
  • Comparable to AlgaeFix but with a 10% higher concentration.
  • Improves water clarity and overall quality of water with a fast acting formula.
  • Reduces pond maintenance.
  • Fish and plant safe when used per application instructions.

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Product Description

Green PondFx by Green Vista Water Gardens is a scientifically blended liquid water treatment designed to restore water quality and clarity in ponds, water gardens and other waterscapes. Green PondFx produces the same results of AlgaeFix and has a 10 percent higher concentration, which makes it more economical and efficient per application.

Plants and fish, including koi, are all safe with proper application of Green PondFx. Please note: The active ingredient of Green PondFx is 100 percent safe for fish and plants when applied according to label directions. We have used this product safely for over 10 years at our aquatic nursery. If, however, quick acting algaecides, including Green PondFx, are applied to ponds heavily infested with algae and without proper aeration, they can lead to the stress and even loss of fish due to rapidly dying algae causing severe drops in pond oxygen levels. Green PondFx is the safest, most effective algaecide on the market for backyard ponds, but caution must be used when applying it during warm summer weather!

Application Directions:

* Remove as much algae as possible manually before treating your pond with Green PondFx.

* Apply 1 teaspoon of Green PondFx to treat 60 gallons of pond water. (1 tablespoon treats 180 gallons, and 1 ounce treats 360 gallons.)

* Add the treatment to the area with the most circulation, such as directly by the pond's waterfall or filter.

* Aerate the pond heavily during the entire treatment process. Doing so is especially critical when the air or water temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

* Treat the pond once every three days with Green PondFx until you achieve the desired result. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

* Remove as much dead or dying algae as possible manually during the treatment process.

Available Sizes:

  8 ounces - treats up to  2,880 gallons

16 ounces - treats up to  5,760 gallons

32 ounces - treats up to 11,520 gallons

  1 gallon - treats up to  45,000 gallons

Other Details

String Algae Control
Chemical Algae Control
Recommended Pond Size:
0-500 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
500-1500 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
1500-3000 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
3000-6000 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
6000-12000 gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
12000+ Gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
Large Ponds 1/8 - 1 Acre

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