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Green Vista Ultra Pond Chlorine Neutralizer -16 oz.

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  • Professional strength chlorine neutralizer for use in Ponds & Water Gardens
  • Easy application with included measuring spoon
  • Time released formula, perfect for pond clean outs and water changes
  • In high concentrations of chlorine, doses can safely be multiplied up to 4 times to ensure chlorine neutralization
  • One bottle treats up to 96,000 gallons

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Green Vista Water Gardens Ultra Pond Chlorine Neutralizer treats precisely the amount of water that you need to treat. Each average sized individual granule of Ultra Pond Chlorine Neutralizer treats 20 gallons. The granule formulation is superior to powder treatments as it has the added benefit of being time released, perfect for pond clean outs or water changes.

Application Directions

  • 16 oz. bottle treats up to 96,000 gallons
  • Apply 1 tsp. or 5 ml per 1000 gallons.
  • Apply product near the pump or in front of the skimmer to allow maximum dispersion through entire system.
  • In new ponds, sprinkle Ultra Pond Chlorine Neutralizer onto the pond ledges as tap water is filling the pond.
  • If high quantities of Chlorine are present or any Chloramines, treatment quantity can safely be increased up to 4 times regular dosage to ensure all Chlorine is neutralized and that all Chloramine bonds are destroyed.

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