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DWI Formula F-10 Foamkill

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  • A non-toxic formula that quickly eliminates foam and surface scum from ponds, lakes, fountains and other water features.
  • Completely safe for the environment, will not harm plants, fish, or wildlife.
  • Ingredients are also compatible with all other water treatment products.
  • One ounce treats 400 ft2 (20' x 20') and one capful treats 500 gallons. 
  • Available Sizes: 1-Quart, 1-Gallon.

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DWI Formula F-10 Foamkill is a water treatment designed to quickly remove foam and surface scum on ponds, lakes, streams, fountains and various other types of decorative water features. Consists of a non-oily blend of silicone compounds, this product is safe for the environment and will not harm fish, plants, or wildlife. Keep your pond or water feature looking its best with this reliable, safe water treatment!

Foamkill is able to treat much larger areas of water than the competition, with a single capful treating up to 500 gallons and one ounce treating up to 400 ft2 (20' x 20').

This formula is completely compatible for use with other water treatments.

Available in Sizes

  • 1-Quart - Treats up to 12,800ft2
  • 1-Gallon - Treats up to 51,200ft2

Application Instructions

  • Apply F-10 Foamkill directly to area with foam or surface scum. 
  • One ounce treats 400 ft2 (20' x 20') and one capful treats 500 gallons. 
  • Reapply as often as necessary to prevent foam from returning.
  • Shake well before use.

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