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Green Vista Liquid Chlorine Neutralizer - Dechlorinator

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  • Fast acting, professional strength liquid dechlorinator works immediately to neutralize chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals
  • Concentrated formula - 1 oz. treats 1,000 gal.
  • Avoids fish stress and gill damage from chlorine and other additives when adding potable municipal water to ponds
  • Assures that tap water added to ponds will be safe for your fish!
  • Fortified with soothing botanical extracts

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Liquid dechlorinator Immediately removes chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals. Fortified with soothing botanical extracts.

Concentrated and economical, use any time chlorinated water is added to a pond. Great for new ponds. Fast acting results. Leaves no harmful compounds in the water. Makes tap water safe for aquatic life.

1 ounce Treats 1,000 gallons.

Application Rate

Add 1 oz. (6 tsp.) or 30 ml. per 1,000 gallons of water.  Apply dechlorinator around edges of the pond so the product can mix well.

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