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Pond Logic EcoBoost

Warranty Information

  • Provides a natural boost to increase beneficial bacteria colonization within a pond.
  • Binds suspended organic particles, excess nutrients, and toxins that otherwise would promote algae.
  • Has no temperature restrictions!
  • Improves fish health and vitality by providing over 80 trace minerals.
  • For best results, use in conjunction with beneficial bacteria treatments.

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Product Description

Pond Logic EcoBoost by Airmax is a safe, all natural complimentary pond treatment that enhances the growth of beneficial bacteria. Great for ponds that are receiving contaminates via run off from lawn fertilizers, storm drains, and accumulating muck from fish waste and other organic matter. 

EcoBoost works by binding and locking these organic particles and excess nutrients. This promotes beneficial bacteria colonization in your pond, making them more active and effective at consuming the excess nutrients that cause algae, pond odors and muck. EcoBoost also help clear up water after chemical applications that can cause cloudiness or turbid water.

EcoBoost has no temperature restrictions, so it makes a great year round pond additive! It contains over 80 trace minerals that promote optimum fish growth and health. When combined with beneficial bacteria applications such as Pond Logic PondClear, it serves as a great one-two punch, creating clear and clean water in your pond!

Specs & instructions:

Treats up to 2 acres. 
Apply 2 scoops per 1/4 acre every 2 weeks. 
Combine powder in a clean bucket with 2-3 gallons of pond water, stirring if necessary. Evenly pour solution along the shore of the pond.
Apply 3 days after any bacteria or algaecide treatments for best results.

24 lbs. - 48 scoop #570132 treats up to 6 acres
  8 lbs. - 16 scoop #570101 treats up to 2 acres

Other Details

Recommended Pond Size:
12000+ Gallons
Recommended Pond Size:
Large Ponds 1/8 - 1 Acre
Recommended Pond Size:
Large Ponds 1 - 2 Acres
Recommended Pond Size:
Large Ponds 2 + Acres

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