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Keep Mr. Green in check with our wide variety of algae control products 

Help clear algae by controlling your pond's nutrient load!

Algae and string algae (a.k.a. hair algae) control in ponds and water gardens can sometimes be a challenge. We offer pond algae control products we know are effective when used according to directions. Most algae control products should be applied throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons, and whether it is on a weekly or bi-monthly schedule depends upon the particular pond. Algae in ponds can vary tremendously based on fish load, biological filtration and other factors.

We provide two main types of algae control products: (1) Natural controls and (2) Traditional algaecides. Each type of control can either be in a dry, powder form or a liquid form. Generally speaking, the powders are more economical but the liquids are faster acting. Natural algae control products such as beneficial bacteria, work best when applied in early spring to the water garden and continued weekly through summer and into early autumn. Algae control products that kill rapidly, such as algaecides, should be applied only as necessary. The two most common types of pond algae are: green water algae (single-celled) and the string (hair) algae. We have products that will control both.