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Aquascape 74014 Floating Swan Decoy

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  • Keep pesky geese and predatory birds away from your koi pond using this Floating Swan Decoy.
  • Realistic, lifelike model that will keep territorial birds away from your pond.
  • Constructed from durable polyresin, with a long-lasting weather resistant finish.
  • Features a convenient anchor tab, allowing it to be easily secured in place.
  • Measures 31” L x 15” W x 18” H.


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Aquascape's Floating Swan Decoy is designed to keep various kinds of birds away from your pond - whether that is a goose, heron, or other potentially harmful birds. Since these birds are territorial, they will avoid ponds which already have a swan living there. This allows the decoy to keep other predators away, preventing them from harming your fish or damaging the health of your pond by creating excess waste. 

This decoy is high-quality, being constructed from durable polyresin and featuring a long-lasting, weather resistant finish. The Floating Swan Decoy will keep your pond free of birds for years to come. This decoy can be used either floating in the water or on land, and with the convenient anchor tab, it can be easily secured in place.

These Swan Decoys feature a removable head for easy shipping and storage.

Dimensions: 31” L x 15” W x 18” H.

Suggestion: Move the decoy around the pond regularly to maintain the illusion and be most effective as a predator deterrent.

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