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API AlgaeFix

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  • Extremely effective against string algae.
  • Capable of controlling all forms of pond algae.
  • Safe for virtually all pond plants and fish when used as directed.
  • Apply 5 mls per 50 gallons or 1/4 cup for every 600 gallons of water.
  • During hot weather, water must be aerated continuously during treatment period.

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AlgaeFix is a fast acting solution for algae problems. It eliminates most infestations in one application. Though potent, AlgaeFix is safe for nearly all fish and plants when used as directed.

AlgaeFix controls green or green water algae (Chlorella), string or hair algae (Cladophora) and blanketweed (Oedogonium) in ornamental ponds.

Available in Sizes:

  • 16 oz - treats up to 4800 gallons
  • 32 oz - treats up to 9600 gallons
  • 1 gal - treats up to 38,400 gallons

Dosage Rates

Volume TreatedDosage
50 Gallons 1 tsp.
600 Gallons ¼ cup
1200 Gallons ½ cup
5000 Gallons 2 cups
18 oz.
10,000 Gallons 4¼ cups
34 oz.

Usage Instsructions

  • Measure proper dosage of AlgaeFix.
  • Apply near the pump outflow, waterfall or aerator. Areas with the highest circulation.
  • Siphon out dead filamentous algae.
  • Reapply every 3 days until the algae is gone. Then add 1 dose per week.
  • Ensure vigorous aeration in the pond during AlgaeFix treatment. - As algae dies, low oxygen levels can occur, which is dangerous for fish and plants, especially in warm weather.
  • Apply it in the morning, during the coolest temperature. Avoid applying it if the air or water temperature is over 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

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