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Aquascape Dry Beneficial Bacteria

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  • Beneficial bacteria mix that boosts your pond's ecosystem to consume excess nutrients
  • Effective at eliminating green water algae and murky water conditions
  • Can be used as both a preventative measure and to clear existing problems in your water garden
  • Pet, fish, and aquatic plant safe

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Aquascape and quality have been synonymous in the pond industry for decades. If you're suffering with algae troubles and need an all natural remedy look no further than Aquascape's dry beneficial bacteria. Formulated with 8 strains of good bacteria and enzymes, this product will keep your pond water clean, clear and most of all, healthy!

Unlike chemical algaecides, this product helps build and maintain a strong biological balance in your water garden, helping to minimize green water algae with a healthy ecosystem.

Available in Sizes

  • 8.8 oz - treats up to 13,200 gallons
  • 1.1 lbs - treats up to 26,400 gallons
  • 7 lbs - treats up to 168,000 gallons
  • Approximations assume poor quality and are based on 4 treatments over 4 weeks.

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply 1 scoop per 1000 gallons or 1 oz per 6000 gallons
  • Add to an area of the pond with the most circulation such as the opening to the ponds skimmer
  • Heavily aerate pond for 24 hours after application for best results
  • Water temperature should be a minimum of 32°F for application.