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Aquascape Pro Air Pond Aeration Kit

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  • Oxygenates ponds and circulates the water for healthier fish and plants
  • For ponds and water features between 5,000 and 15,000 gallons (depending on model)
  • During cold weather, helps to keep a hole in surface ice to let toxic gas escape
  • All-in-one complete aeration system includes air pump/compressor, braided tubing, and rubber membrane diffuser(s). Everything necessary to aerate your water garden!
  • 3 year warranty

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The Aquascape Pro Air Pond Aeration Kit circulates and adds dissolved oxygen to pond water. The result is water that is cleaner, clearer and healthier for fish and aquatic plants. During freezing weather, this aeration system keeps a hole in surface ice, allowing toxic gas to escape the pond.

Featuring heavy-duty metal housing, the included energy efficient compressor has rubber feet to minimize noise and vibration. The model 60 kit also provides a 2-way compressor manifold, allowing 2 air lines to be installed.

Each of the included air diffusers are 10 inches long and have a self-cleaning rubber membrane, which expands to clear dirt and debris that otherwise would cause clogs. The diffuser's interior weighted ballast keeps the diffuser at the pond's bottom so additional weight is not needed.

Each kit also includes freeze-resistant, braided aeration tubing with a pre-installed check valve. Stainless steel hose clamps are also provided. 

ModelSuggested Pond SizeMax DepthMax OutputComponentsWattageCord LengthWarranty
Pond Air 20 (#61009) Up to 5000 Gallons 6.5' 0.71 CFM / 20.1 LPM

#61017 Compressor (6" L x 5.5" W x 4.25" H)

3/8" x 25' Braided Vinyl Tubing

10" Rubber Membrane Diffuser

15 6' 3 Years
Pond Air 60 (#61008) Up to 15000 Gallons  11.5' 2.1 CFM / 59.5 LPM

#61016 Compressor (7.75" L x 7.25" W x 4" H)

(2) 3/8" x 25' Braided Vinyl Tubing

(2) 10" Rubber Membrane Diffusers

45 6' 3 Years