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Aquasurge Pump Impeller Replacement Kit-G2

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  • Replacement impeller assembly for Aquascape Aquasurge pond pumps
  • These impellers are for the G2 pump series.
  • Hassle free installation, all that's needed is a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time
  • Genuine manufacturer replacement impeller.

$50.38 - $70.38
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Routine impeller replacement is critical to guarantee pump performance over years of use. The Aquascape Aquasurge line of pond pumps feature easy to install replacement impeller assemblies! With a simple screw driver and a few minutes of your time your pump will perform as it did the day you installed it!

Common symptoms that your pump may need a replacement impeller include: decreased performance, pump humming but not moving any water, irregular noises, or pump is hot to the touch.


Available Impeller Models:

Model #91070 - Aquasurge 2000 (G2)

Model #91071 - Aquasurge 3000 (G2)

Model #91072 - Aquasurge 4000 (G2)

Model #91073 - Aquasurge 5000 (G2)