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Aquatic Plant Pot - Rigid Mesh Basket with Float

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  • This bundle includes a rigid, mesh planter and a float.
  • The included float lets your aquatic plants remain on the surface of the water with their roots submerged.
  • The planter's mesh design allows for self-watering of aquatic plants.
  • Absorbs excess nutrients, helping to prevent algae blooms.
  • Available Models: 9" Square; 18" Contour.

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Floating Aquatic Planters are a great way to add a bit of lush greenery to a pond or water garden. With these bundles you can create a beautiful display of floating plants. These floating planter baskets are perfect for a wide variety of aquatic plants, ranging from Chameleon Plants, to Dwarf Blue Bells, to Wax Leaf Begonias. 

These bundles each include a Mesh Planter Basket as well as a float. The mesh lattice design of the baskets allows for aquatic plants to self-water while allowing the absorption of excess nutrients, which otherwise could fuel algae blooms. These pots excel at supporting plants which grow more aggressively, something that comparable fabric planters often can't handle.

Available Models: 9" Square; 18" Contour.