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Floating Island Soil Grow Mix

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  • Specially formulated for floating island planters in water gardens and koi ponds.
  • Lightweight mixture ideal for maintaining buoyancy for floating planters.
  • Consists of peat moss, peanut hulls, and calcined clay; safe and all-natural mixture.
  • Helps pull excess nutrients from the pond that would otherwise feed algae.
  • Some plants that perform well in this soil are: Taro, Caladium, Lobelia, Dwarf Papyrus , Dwarf Umbrella Palm and more (see list below)!

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While conventional potting soil is not recommended for a floating plant display in your pond, island grow mix provides the perfect lightweight solution for floating plant pot applications. Specially formulated to not only allow buoyancy but to also take advantage of a pond's ecosystem to benefit the potted plants as much as possible.

When used in conjunction with our Floating Island Self-watering Pond Planters, the soil aids in the process of pulling the excess nutrients from the pond. This makes for a healthy and strong plant but also helps fight algae!

The manufacturer states you do not have to cover the drainage holes at the bottom of planters, however, to better ensure the prevention of grow mix seeping through planters, we suggest covering the holes with weed prevention black mesh fabric. We find it is best to pre-moisten the soil lightly before placing in the floating planter; that prevents leakage more surely. 

Some water-loving plants that do well in the floating islands that contain this soil are as follows:  Pitcher Plant, Wandering Jew, Elephant Ear, Fan Flower (Scaevola), Wax Leaf Begonia, Coleus, Sweet Potato Vine, Wax Leaf Begonia and many more!

Available Models & Specs:
1 Gallon - ideal for up to one 12” floating planter.
3 Gallons - ideal for up to one 16” floating planter.

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