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Safe Haven Floating Koi Pond Plant Protector

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  • Protect your water lilies and other aquatic plants from pond fish and koi
  • Allows for displaying water lilies in ponds too deep for lilies
  • Easily tethered to float plants in the optimum pond location
  • Durable and long lasting

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The Safe Haven Floating Island Planter protects your water lilies and other aquatic plants from troublesome pond fish and koi. This product also allows the growth of lilies in ponds normally too deep, or that lack plant shelves.

The Safe Haven floats approximately one inch above the water's surface, but can easily be adjusted by trimming the height of the screen with sharp scissors. Constructed of rot-proof polyethylene, and assembled with stainless steel components, the Safe Haven floating island planter is durable and long lasting.

When you are preparing the Safe Haven, it may be helpful to consider both soil weight & volume. The 16" Safe Haven will hold approximately 5 gallons or 2/3 ft³ which would weigh around 23 lbs, while the 24" Safe Haven will hold approximately 8 gallons or 1 ft³ of lightweight aquatic mix which would weigh 35 lbs (an ideal weight for the floating island). Ordinary "garden type" soil can weigh in excess of 80 lbs per cubic foot which would far exceed the weight capacity of the Safe Haven.

Available Models:

  • 16" Diameter
  • 24" Diameter

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