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Atlantic MA2600 Matala Pond Filter for FilterFalls BF2600 - 3-Pack

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  • Upgrade your FilterFalls with these Matala filter mats!
  • Exclusively compatible with the Atlantic BF2600 FilterFalls.
  • Includes three Matala filter pads: Coarse, Medium, and Fine.
  • Back flushed more efficiently than standard filter mats.
  • Provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.


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Customize and upgrade your FilterFalls biological pond filter with three-stage Matala Filter Kits. Coarse, medium, and fine Matala reduce channeling, increase surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and are back flushed more effectively than standard filter mats. These replacement mats are designed to be compatible with the Atlantic FilterFalls BF2600 biological pond filter.

These mats easily replace the green Bio-tech mats in the FilterFalls biological pond filter. Pair these mats with bio-media, such as Bio-Rocks, Bio-Balls or lava rocks for maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria. This MA2600 Matala Filter Kit is only compatible with Atlantic’s BF2600.

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