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Atlantic Typhoon Mini Aeration Kits

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  • Complete aeration system for ponds up to 11' deep & 8,000 gallons depending on model.
  • Features that Atlantic TA Air Pump, a high quality compressor that has weather resistant housing. (No pump cover needed!)
  • Extremely energy efficient, consumes as little as 4.5 watts depending on model.
  • Kit includes air pumps with 6' 115V power cord, weighted diffuser air stone(s), check valve(s), and tubing.
  • In the winter months can function as a deicer, perfect for year round usage!
  • 3 year warranty.

$75.99 - $561.99

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Atlantic's Typhoon Mini Aeration Kit is an all in one system that provides oxygenation and circulation for backyard ponds and water gardens. These units are capable of year round usage, functioning as an aeration system, surface agitator, as well as a deicer in colder climates. Capable of providing ample aeration in ponds up to 11' deep and 8,000 gallons depending on model selected, this rugged system features a weather resistant air compressor.

Unlike most pond air pumps, the Atlantic's TA Air Pump does not require shelter from inclement weather due to it's high quality housing. The included compressor also has a noise dampening design that provides a whisper quiet operation. Each system comes with circular air stone diffusers that are perfect for promoting high levels of oxygen transfer. Each air stone is weighted for easy installation. The Typhoon Aeration kit also comes with tubing and diffuser(s) along with a barbed check valve to protect the pump from back-flow in the case of sudden power shut off.

Each Atlantic Typhoon Mini Aeration Kit comes with all components necessary for operation. No trips to the hardware store, additional purchases, or matching up specs required! The TA series pumps are 115V, have a 6' long power cord, and have a 3 year warranty. The weighted diffusers measure 4" in diameter and have a barbed fitting that accepts 3/8" or 1/4" ID tubing depending on model selected. The tubing is flexible and non-weighted, the diffuser weight is enough to hold down the tubing in most installations


ModelPumpMax OutputTubing Size & LengthWattageMax DepthMax Pond SizeDimensions (LxWxH)Warranty
TAKIT0400 TA0400 0.23 CFM / 6.5 LPM 1/4" x 20 ft. 4.5 Watts 5' 1,000 Gallons 6.5" x 4" x 3.75" 3-Year
TAKIT0800 TA0800 0.46 CFM / 13 LPM 1/4" x 20 ft. 9 Watts 5' 2,000 Gallons 6.5" x 4" x 3.75" 3-Year
TAKIT1800 TA1800 1.06 CFM / 30 LPM 3/8" x 25 ft. 14 Watts 7' 4,000 Gallons 6.5" x 5" x 5.25" 3-Year
TAKIT3600 TA3600 2.12 CFM / 60 LPM 3/8" x 35 ft. 35 Watts 11' 8,000 Gallons 7.25" x 7" x 6.5" 3-Year