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Atlantic Water Gardens PS7000 Pond Skimmer

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  • For ponds up to 900 sq.ft.
  • Features a reinforced structure to eliminate warping and deformation. The sturdy removable lid even supports natural rock camouflage and even foot traffic.
  • The stainless steel framed debris net and filter brushes provide a two step filtration as the pump draws in water. Gathering debris as it hits your pond's surface and protecting your pond's pump.
  • 9" weir opening features Super Flow technology to maximize skimming efficiency and fish safety.
  • Can accommodate up to 2 pumps (accepting a total max flow of 7000 GPH). Using multiple pumps allows for unique applications, endless customizations, and lower operation costs.
  • Measures 25" wide x 30" deep x 24" tall.
  • Lifetime warranty on the enclosure.


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The Atlantic PS7000 Pond Skimmer is a heavy duty skim filter and pump protection unit that no pond should go without. The PS7000 uses pumps up to 7000 gallons to create a powerful suction action that collects debris that's fallen into your pond before it can sink to the bottom, effectively cutting down on maintenance, sources for algae blooms, muck buildup, and even tannins. The ribbed design provides enhanced structural integrity and strength, protecting the skimmer from warping and deformation as the soil around it's installation settles and shifts. The lid is also sturdy, capable of supporting rocks for camouflaging purposes and even light foot traffic. Each PS7000 also comes with a removable debris net and heavy duty brush panel for a 2 stage mechanical filtration. The debris net features a strong stainless steel frame and the heavy duty brush panel provides maximum surface area for a high quality filtration, both components working together to not only catch debris but to also protect your pump and prolong it's life. The skimmer's weir opening measures 9" across and features Super Flow technology to maximize skimming efficiency. The weir is secured by a faceplate that attaches to your pond's liner securely using the black anodized stainless steel hardware that is low profile, easy to conceal, and easily concealed.

The Atlantic PS7000 Pond Skimmer measures 25" wide x 30" deep x 24" tall and has an internal water depth of 17.5" when installed per manual specifications. The enclosure itself comes with a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer.


Part Number: PS7000
Measures: 25"W x 30"D x 24"H
Internal Water Depth: 17.5"
For ponds up to 900 SQ. FT.
Weir Width: 9"
Max Pump Flow: 7,000 GPH
Lifetime Warranty on Enclosure