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Atlantic Water Gardens Pump Vault and Extension

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  • Pump Vault Extensions allow an increase in the height of the pump vault which can accommodate taller pumps and/or deeper water basins.
  • Molded from virtually indestructible polyethylene for long, worry-free service.
  • Able to be utilized easily in any project from large waterfalls to rainwater cisterns to upflow and downflow bogs.
  • All models come with a lifetime warranty!

$264.49 - $517.95

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 Pump vaults are vital to water installations, since they are responsible for housing and protecting the pumps and plumbing of underground water storage and circulation systems. Atlantic Water Garden's pump vaults are able to tackle any project from waterfalls to rainwater cisterns.

Pump Vault Extensions, including the PV23EXT, allow for deeper basins, larger reservoirs as well as greater water volumes. Serves perfectly as an extension for the PV2300.

All models come with a lifetime warranty!


ModelOpeningMax Pump FlowDimensionsExtensionsDischargeWarranty
PV1700 10" 3,900 gph 17" W x 12" D x 22.5" H --- 1.5" and 2" Cut Lines Lifetime
PV1800 14" 10,000 gph 18" W x 24" H --- 2" Cut Lines Lifetime
PV2300 18" 15,000 gph 23" W x 30" H --- 2" and 3" Cut Lines Lifetime
PV23EXT 18" --- 21.5" W x 19.5" H 17" 2" and 3" Cut Lines Lifetime