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Bio-Cubes Koi Fish Pond Filter Media (1 cu ft)

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  • Excellent lightweight filtration media for virtually any pond, water garden, or aquarium filter
  • 1 to 3 inch wide and long bio-cubes are in various colors
  • Maximum surface area of bio-cubes allows for optimum colonization of beneficial bacteria to promote clean, clear water.
  • Simple to clean; just rinse with water from a garden hose
  • Free mesh bag included for easy cube handling and storage (cube and bag color may vary)

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These bio-cubes provide effective filtration in virtually any kind of pond, water garden and aquarium filter!

Cut from multicolored pond foam filter mats, the bio-cubes have an increased surface area for beneficial bacteria growth. The more beneficial bacteria multiply, the more they can break down ammonia and nitrites to harmless nitrates.

The included mesh bag makes handling and rinsing the bio-cubes simple. 


Please Note: Color of cubes and mesh bag may vary. Shipped compressed to reduce costs.