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Bio-Mech Submersible Filters for Small to Medium Ponds

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  • Submersible pond filters that are compatible with many different pumps.
  • Can filter ponds from about 300-1,200 gallons (depending on model selected).
  • High Quality, reticulated foam filter pads prevent small particles from clogging pumps and work great for biological filtration.
  • Includes two long-lasting 2" thick filter pads that are easy to rinse & reuse.
  • Replacement foam pads are available when needed.
  • Lifetime warranty on housing; very durable.

$74.85 - $89.50

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The Bio-Mech Submersible Filter series provides mechanical and biological filtration for small to medium ponds. These filters are compatible with many pump brands. Both Bio-Mech models 900 and 1200 have threaded intakes that allow the pump to attach externally to the filter box with provided adapters.

These submersible filters have a very durable polyethylene housing, and feature two excellent 2" thick filter pads that trap algae particles and other debris. They also allow the growth of good, beneficial bacteria, which transform ammonia from fish waste into harmless nitrate.

Filter models 900 & 1200 have a 3/4" FPT threaded water intake in the center back that allows them to be connected directly to most pumps that have a threaded intake with the appropriate fitting (3 various sized fittings are included).

Replacement filter pads can be found: Here.

Why buy these filters?  Because they are among the best built submersible pond filters on the market and are proudly made in the USA.


ModelDimensionsPond Size in GallonsRecommended Pump GPH
900 15"L x 9"W x 8"Tall 300 to 900 250 to 580
1200 15"L x 15"W x 8"Tall 600 to 1,200 300 to 1,000

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