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Blue Diamond EPDM Diffuser DISC with ¾ MPT Connector

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  • A better option than airstones for large ponds.
  • Much more resistant to clogging than fine ceramic and similar air stones in hard water areas.
  • Rubber membrane contains hundreds of slots that open as air pressure builds, allowing uniform bubble distribution.
  • Insures high dissolved oxygen content in ponds, hydroponics or aquaponics.
  • 3/4" MPT connection for an easy universal fit.

$39.85 - $59.95

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Blue Diamond's EPDM Flexible Membrane Disc Diffuser provides high dissolved oxygen levels, perfectly suited for use in hydroponics, fish tanks, koi ponds, as well as lakes. 

This heavy duty diffuser is clog resistant and the hundreds of slots in the membrane provide excellent uniform bubble distribution.

SizeConnectorMembrane DiameterAirFlow Rating
10" Disc 3/4" MPT 8.5 0.5 - 4.0 CFM
12" Disc 3/4" MPT 10.5" 1.0 - 8.0 CFM