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CrystalClear Biological Clarifier for Ponds

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  • Clears pond water with natural bacteria and enzymes. 100% fish & plant safe!
  • Seeds and maintains biological filters keeping your pond healthy and balanced.
  • Easy to apply water soluble packets with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Concentrated formula, safe for all aquatic life.
  • Breaks down suspended dead debris.
  • Application Rate: 1 packet treats up to 1,000 gallons of water. Apply every 1-2 weeks.


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CrystalClear Biological Clarifier naturally clears water, removes odors and breaks down suspended dead debris and decaying leaves with billions of bacteria colonies and added enzymes. The natural bacteria enzymes seeds biological filters to maintain a healthy pond ecosystem.

The result is a cleaner pond, healthier fish, improved dissolved oxygen levels and reduced ammonia levels.

CrystalClear Biological Clarifier is available in easy to use water-soluble packets and can be used in ponds, fountains, bubblers and disappearing waterfall features.  Apply when water temperature is 50° F or above.

Available in Size:

  • 96 packet - Treats up to 8,000 gallons of water for 6 months when applied every 2 weeks.


Do not open packets. Add the appropriate number of water soluble packets using the dosage chart above, evenly dispersing them around your pond. Packets will dissolve when placed in the pond water.


  • Apply BioClarifier once every one to two weeks.
  • Persistent Problem Application Rate:
  • If a problem arises between routine applications, apply BioClarifier at prescribed rate up to every three days until the problem is under control.
  • For Best Results Apply BioClarifier directly into the filter if possible or apply directly to the pond in an area of the greatest circulation. Optimal Water conditions: pH: 6.5 - 8.5, Dissolved Oxygen: 5ppm, Temperature: 50°F.
    Pond Size (Gallons)Biological Clarifier (Once Weekly)
    Up to 1,000 1 Packet
    Up to 2,000 2 Packets
    Up to 4,000 4 Packets
    Up to 8,000 8 Packets
    Usage Specs 96 Packets 
    Active Temp 50°F  
    Months of Treatment 4  
    Pond Size (gallons) 8,000  
    Shelf Life 3 Years