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CrystalClear CC015-1G Vanish Plus

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  • Removes chlorine and chlorimine bonds, effectively reducing ammonia & chlorine to non-toxic levels
  • Reduces ammonia levels and removes heavy metals
  • Treats up to 25,600 gallons
  • For use in both pond maintenance, water changes, clean outs, & establishing new ponds
  • Also adds a fish slime coat protectant to relieve stress & heal wounds

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Vanish Plus Dechlorinator Plus Stress Reducer is a powerful product used in new ponds as well as during water changes and pond clean outs. Vanish Plus removes chlorine and chloromine bonds from your water supply, both of which are toxic to fish and harmful for plant life. Both municipal and local water supplies can contain chlorine as well as traces of heavy metals and ammonia. Vanish plus immediately eliminates all of these, protecting the inhabitants of your pond. Vanish Plus also promotes a healthy slime coat on your fish, effectively reducing stress and healing any wounds that may be present.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply 1 ounce per 200 gallons.
  • Pour directly into pond water in an area with the most circulation such as the base of your waterfall, near your pump, or near an aerator.
  • When establishing a brand new pond wait 20 minutes after application before adding fish and aquatic plants to your pond.

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