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DIY Universal 108 LED Fountain Ring Light w/ Splice Kit & 110 ft cord- choose color!

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  • Universal 108 LED Ring Light for fountains and other decorative water features
  • Choose between bright white and auto-changing multi-color
  • Fits any 1" I.D. fountain extension tube, or remove metal brace w/pliers for other applications
  • Includes 88 ft. low voltage extension cable and splice kit to extend total cord length to 110 ft.


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A complete DIY Universal Fountain Light Kit with 108 LED Ring Light, 80 ft. extension cord and underwater splice kit. The addition of the extension cord (with use of included 3M Inline Resin Splice Kit) gives the ring light 110 feet of cord length that is 100% submersible. Although not specific to any brand, the ring light can be used with a wide range of floating fountains with minimal modifications.

The Color Changing model shifts between colors, ranging from red, to green, to blue, to various shades in-between. All the LEDs synchronize and automatically change to display the beautiful colors, without the need for a remote control.

DIY Fountain LED Light Kit Includes:

  • 108 LED ring light - measures 8.5" across.
  • White or auto-changing multi-color (R-B-G) (choose above)
  • Light includes 12v low voltage outdoor transformer and 33 ft. cord.
  • 80 ft. low voltage extension cable.
  • 3M Scotchcast Resin Underwater Splice Kit with directions. (splice kit waterproofs the plug connection between ring light cord and extension cord, producing 110 ft. of submersible cord).
  • The ring light has a center mounting bracket (removable w/ pliers) that has an inside diameter of 1 3/8".
  • With the inner bracket removed, the inside diameter of the ring light is 7" across.

Note: Light ring is not specific to any brand fountain. However, it can be secured to most 1/4 HP up to 1 HP fountains on the market with screws, cable ties, Velcro etc.

Fastening hardware is NOT included. Does NOT come pre-assembled.


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