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EasyPro KLC Koi Pond Aeration Kit

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  • Ideal for continuous 24/7 year round pond aeration
  • Provides oxygenation and water circulation in ponds and water gardens 6 to 8 ft. deep
  • Can function as a deicer in winter months
  • Promotes a healthy pond ecosystem, promoting beneficial bacteria colonization, keeping fish healthy and aquatic plants thriving!
  • 5 year warranty on diffuser(s) and weighted tubing, 3 year warranty on compressor

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The EasyPro KLC Koi Pond Aeration Kit is ideal for year round use. During warm, hot summer months the EasyPro Stratus KLC Series aerator unit adds oxygen and helps circulate pond water. In freezing months, the aerator keeps an area in the pond ice free, critical for koi and other aquatic life. Because the 115 volt aeration system puts no electricity in a pond, as the compressor is kept onshore, it is safe for fish, pets and people. 

When installed and running, this system raises the oxygen level in a pond. The increase in oxygen improves water quality and clarity, promoting good bacteria, helping koi, other fish, and aquatic plants to thrive in their environment. Also, the mixing of water leads to more uniform water temperatures in the pond, promoting better conditions for fish to thrive! The aeration kit has a maximum operating depth of 6 to 8 feet. 

The kit includes a compressor, 3/8 inch Quick Sink tubing, rubber membrane air diffuser(s), connectors, fittings and 6 ft. long power cord


ModelMaximum OutputPond SizeWattsComponentsMaximum Dpeth
LA1 1.3 CFM / 36.8 LPM 1000-7500 Gallons 23

KLC25 compressor

25' Quick Sink tubing

RAD8 8" diffuser

LA2 2.1 CFM / 59.5 LPM 2000-15000 Gallons 36

KLC40 compressor

50' Quick Sink tubing

2 RAD8 8" diffusers

LA3 3.1 CFM / 87.8 LPM 3000-22500 Gallons 60

KLC60 compressor

75' Quick Sink tubing

3 RAD8 8" diffusers

LA4 3.7 CFM / 104.8 LPM 4000-30000 Gallons 70

KLC80 compressor

100' Quick Sink tubing

4 RAD8 8" diffusers


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