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EasyPro PA86 Rocking Piston Aeration Systems | 3/4 HP

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  • Fully aerates ponds up to 4 acres and between 5 and 50 feet deep.
  • Ideal for natural and farm ponds.
  • Features a powerful 3/4 HP compressor.
  • 5-year warranty for air diffusers and 3/8" ID weighted tubing, and 2-year warranty for air compressor.
  • The PA86 Sentinel Deluxe Systems can be found here.

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EasyPro's PA86 Aeration Kits add oxygen and circulate water, which helps water plants, fish, as well as most other aquatic life. These kits are able to aerate a 1 acre pond at a depth of 5-8', a 2 acre pond at a depth of 8-12', and a 4 acre pond at a depth of 12-16'.

Pond shape and depth are the main factors in selecting the proper aeration system for your pond. In general, the deeper the pond the less air diffusers needed and the more uniform the shape (ex: round) the less diffusers needed.  For example, an irregular shaped pond or a long, narrow pond might require two or more air diffusers whereas a round pond might only need one diffuser.

These EasyPro aeration systems feature Stratus SRC75 Gen 2 rocking piston compressors with a 2-year warranty, and the tubing and diffusers are each backed by a 5-year warranty. The energy efficient SRC75 air compressors operate at the low approximate cost of $1.10 per 24 hours at $0.09 per kilowatt-hour.

Each of these systems include an air outlet with pressure relief valve, fittings, and clamps.

ModelMax Air OutputMax Pond SizeMax DepthDiffusersTubing
PA86W - 3/4 HP, 4 Diffusers, Weighted Tubing
6.5 CFM / 184 LPM
4 acres 
50 ft. 
4 - QS2
600 ft. 3/8" Weighted Quick Sink
PA86A - 3/4 HP, 4 Diffusers, No Tubing
6.5 CFM / 184 LPM
4 acres
50 ft.
4 - QS2

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