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EasyPro Shallow Water Diffused Air De-Icing System

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  • Keep your docks, boat houses, piers, marinas & similar structures ice-free utilizing the power of diffused aeration!
  • Capable of keeping 30 ft to 45 ft areas ice-free around docks. Ideal for water depths between 3 ft. and 6 ft.
  • This system is powered by a highly energy efficient air compressor; using as little as 60 watts depending on model.
  • The included self-weighted DM2 Diffusers and self-weighted tubing provide an easy, hassle-free installation.
  • This kit also features a weatherproof cabinet. This well-ventilated cabinet provides excellent protection for the compressor.
  • The compressor has a 3-year warranty and the diffusers and tubing offer a 5-year warranty.

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The Shallow Water Diffused Air De-Icing System protects your dock, marina, or boathouse from potential expensive ice damage in winter. Diffused Air De-Icers are a great choice for keeping water in motion around piers and other structures in winter climates to prevent ice formation.

Traditionally, a dock or other on-the-water structure is de-iced by a large, high energy, turbine that keeps the water moving to prevent ice from forming. This lower wattage de-icing system, in contrast, prevents ice build up through a combination of turbulence and the flow of warmer water. The movement of the warmer water upwards has the added benefit of exposing less oxygen rich water to the surface, providing a thorough aeration that has countless benefits for your pond's ecosystem. 

The Shallow Water System is designed for depths of 3 ft. to 6 ft. The included compressor features low energy consumption and ultra quiet operation. Also included is the SC25 vented weatherproof cabinet, which serves to protect the compressor from the cold, as well as aid in disguising it. The DM2 diffusers feature a check valve, to keep your airline from filling with water when not in use. The diffusers and tubing are also self-weighted for an easy, hassle-free installation. The compressor has a 3 year warranty and the tubing and diffusers feature a 5 year warranty.

ModelDock LengthCabinetCompressorMax Air FlowWattageVoltage/AmpsCord LengthDiffuserTubing
DKSW30 30 ft. SC25 Weatherproof Cabinet KLC60 Compressor 3.1 Cubic Feet/Minute 60 Watts 120v / 1.62 A 6 ft. 2 DM2 Diffusers 50' Quick Sink 1/2" Tubing
DKSW45 45 ft. SC25 Weatherproof Cabinet KLC80 Compressor 3.7 Cubic Feet/Minute 70 Watts 120v / 2.15 A 6 ft. 3 DM2 Diffusers 100' Quick Sink 1/2" Tubing

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