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Fantastic Four Natural Algae Control Bundle

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  • Special Bundle, 15% off!
  • The Fantastic Four of Pond Treatments, with these you won't need super powers to keep your pond clean, clear, and healthy!
  • Includes a 32 oz. container of Hydro-Bugs, Green PondFX, Barley Straw Liquid Extract, and Oxy Pond.
  • Each treatment is fish-safe and excels in controlling different types of pond algae. See description below for more details.
  • Don't miss out on this Fantastic, Limited-Time Offer!

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Check out this special bundle! The Fantastic Four of Pond Treatments is the Super-Powered bundle you've been looking for! Including 32 oz. containers of Hydro-Bugs, Barley Straw Liquid Extract, Green PondFX, and Oxy-Pond Stream and Waterfall Cleaner, this bundle is perfect for you whether you have green water, string algae, or cloudy water!

All products included in this bundle come in a 32 oz. container. This bundle includes:

Hydro-Bugs - This organic beneficial bacteria is not chemical-based, so it is safe for fish and plants. Hydro-Bugs beat cellular (or green-water) algae at its own game, outcompeting it and preventing it from taking over your pond. Treats up to 32,000 gallons.

Liquid Barley Extract - With the power of preventative treatment, Liquid Barley Extract is the go-to way to make sure your water doesn't end up full of algae in the first place. The organic, natural properties of Barley Extract inhibit the growth of algae so blooms won't even have the chance to get started. Treats up to 32,000 gallons.

Green PondFXThe fastest-acting of all of these treatments, PondFX is the treatment of choice for string algae. This formula is 10% more concentrated than similar chemical algaecides. It is additionally safe for fish and plants when used according to the application instructions. Treats up to 11,520 gallons.

OxyPond Fountain and Waterfall CleanerWith the cleaning superpowers of oxygen, Oxy-Pond works as a spot treatment to break down algae and other organic debris. This treatment consists of fish-safe dissolvable granules which also restore the natural electrolyte balance to the pond. Treats up to 320 ft².

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