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Floating Alligator Head Decoy w/ Reflective Eyes

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  • Realistic and life size alligator predator decoy
  • Realistic motion, propelled by water and wind movement; no electricity needed
  • Ideal for water gardens, koi ponds, fish farms and even swimming pools
  • UV resistant to ensure years of predator prevention
  • Effective at scaring away geese, swans, egrets, herons, cormorants and other types of birds!

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If your pond has visitors looking for a free and easy meal of your koi or other fish, then it may be time to invest in a "guard gator." This realistic floating predator decoy is an effective way to protect your pond and fish from unwanted guests. Because alligators are top predators, other fish hungry predators such as blue herons would rather head for the hills than compete with the reptiles. 

Made of durable urethane foam, each alligator head decoy features reflective eyes and hand applied UV resistant paint. No two decoys are alike. Each decoy

floats realistically in water. Either let the decoy float freely, or tether it in place. 

Available Sizes:

22" L x 8.5" W

28" L x 9" W - has exposed top teeth


As with all decoys, periodically move the alligator decoy to provide the illusion it is real.

Northern ducks such as mallards and wood ducks tend to have no experience with alligators so do not instinctively fear them. The success of these decoys with those ducks has been limited.

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    Floating Alligator Head Decoys

    Posted by Kathryn on Apr 3rd 2021

    I recently purchased two of the large Floating Alligator Head Decoy w/ Reflective Eyes for our large pond. In the past three weeks we have noticed a few Canadian geese which I cannot tolerate, a Heron, as well as two ducks coming around since the weather has been unusually warm on certain days. Running with my dogs outside each time to scare them off began getting old, especially since I am old. My husband popped the two heads in the pond today after attaching a thin nylon rope and weight. Geese came and immediately flew off screaming! It's the reflective eyes that scare them. I had these at my other home's pond and they worked like a charm then. I had ordered these just a few days ago and they arrived lightening fast! If you are having a problem with geese, ducks or a heron give a alligator head a try.

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    Wife scared to tears

    Posted by Marty on Jun 6th 2018

    I placed this in the culvert in front of my home in Florida. We do have migrating alligators. My wife saw this and jumped sky high. It was worth the laugh if nothing else. Mailman was not too happy either.....

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