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Sho Koi Impact Pond Fish Food - Small Pellets 3.0 mm

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  • Premium fish food for koi and other pond fish.
  • Floating pellets that don't cloud the water.
  • Small pellets, 3.0 mm diameter.
  • Helps maintain healthy immune systems and improves the colors on fish.
  • Nutritionally balanced and vitamin fortified.
  • Safe to feed from Spring through Autumn!

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Sho Koi Impact Fish Food by Total Koi is a high quality nutritional formula for koi, goldfish, comets and other pond fish.

The food pellets float and will not cloud water. These pellets are small, 3.0 mm / 0.12" in diameter.

This scientifically formulated, complete and balanced diet assists the immune systems of koi and goldfish. It includes color enhancers and provides optimum growth and digestibility.

Wheat-based, this food is safe to feed fish across three seasons!

Water temperature determines when to begin and stop feeding fish during the year. The water temperature should reach 55° before feeding fish in spring. Stop feeding fish when the water temperature is 55° or lower in fall.

Tips: Measure water temperature half-way down the pond for a more accurate reading. Feed fish only what they eat in 5 to 10 minutes.

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