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Float Ring/Buoy for Ultrasonic Misters and Foggers

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  • Float ring to keep ultrasonic mist makers at the correct water depth to allow for optimal fog production.
  • Sturdy construction and snug fit for misters with corresponding size and/or number of discs.

$8.95 - $20.95

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Available fits for disc misters / foggers in the following configurations:

Fogger StyleSKUDimensions
1 Disc Fogger Float FOG-OM-045 Buoy Size: 4" O.D. x 2" I.D. x 3" H
3 Disc Fogger Float FOG-OM-040 Buoy Size: 6" O.D. x 3" I.D. x 3" H
5 Disc Fogger Float FOG-WL-015  Buoy Size: 8" O.D. x 4" I.D. x 3" H
6 Disc Fogger Float (In-line) FOG-WL-010 Buoy Size: 13.5" L x 6" W x 3" H
9 Disc Fogger Float FOG-WL-021 Buoy Size: 10" O.D. x 5.25" I.D. x 3"H