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Floating Wetland Island Raft for Pond Plants

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  • Bring instant color, beauty and ecological health to your koi pond, water garden, retention, or detention pond!
  • Protects plants from aggressive, hungry fish and prevents plants from spreading. Also doubles to protect your fish from predators and provides them with shade from the summer heat.
  • Self-watering pots with drain holes that allow plants to absorb pond water, and roots to grow through the bottom holes
  • Mini Raft includes one 9 inch pot and seven 6 inch pots; Centerpiece Raft includes two 9 inch pots and fourteen 6 inch pots
  • Raft made of durable polyethylene foam that is UV, water, and freeze resistant
  • Note: These floating aquatic islands require the use of a special lightweight "Island Mix"! Regular garden soil is too heavy and cannot be used.


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Aquatic plants help filter pond water, keeping the ecosystem healthy and clean. The Wetland Island Raft is a perfect way to improve your pond's water quality with plants and to beautify the water feature at the same time.

These rafts when planted, act as living islands and provide and benefit the pond's ecology and the health of your fish.

One way that floating islands are beneficial to your pond is because of their unique floating roots system that is provided by the plants. These floating roots are a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria that absorb excess nutrients in the pond that can cause water clarity problems or string algae. 

Two or more Wetland Rafts can be combined to form a variety of unique shapes and sizes.

Pro Tip 1: Wetland Rafts can be centered above a bottom air diffuser for even greater positive impact on the ecosystem by maximizing plant root growth and nutrient absorption.

Pro Tip 2: Green Vista's Wetland Rafts require a special buoyant soil-less mix for the best results. (Don't use regular clay or garden soil!) Our special mix includes 100 percent natural ingredients including peat moss and  kiln dried calcined clay but contains no sand, vermiculite or perlite. Search for "Green Vista Wetland Island Grow Mix" on this website or contact us for assistance.

Flowering plants in a Wetland Raft attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Turtles and frogs can rest on the raft to spend time out of water.

Plants growing in the Wetland Raft's pots can cover the raft completely, concealing it from view. If creeping type plants are used on the raft perimeter, they can grow several feet past the raft edge.

Please Note: Wetland Raft and pots ship in separate boxes.

 This Island Raft is made in the USA.