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Ocean Mist M005/DK5-24-2 5 Disc Fogger With Three Built-In Red LED Lights

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  • Ultrasonic 5 Disc Fogger perfect for ponds and fountains. Also, great for orchid plants.
  • Includes 5 jets and 3 built in LED lights.
  • Indoor/outdoor transformer with 33' cord.
  • Place in water to create a mist/fog to enhance any outdoor setting.
  • Ceramic Disc Size: 20 mm.
  • Ultrasonic foggers can be used with distilled, tap, well or pond water. See below for details!

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This 5 disc fogger features 5 jets, an indoor/outdoor transformer, and a 33' cord. Give an exotic touch to any pond or fountain.

Also, great for increasing humidity for orchids.

Simply place in water at the recommended depth, plug it in, and instantly enjoy the effects!

Adding a few drops of aromatic oil in any indoor application produces a beautiful aroma to immediate surroundings, enhancing the mood.

Ultrasonic technology has eliminated the need for any chemicals, providing a much safer alternative to dry-ice. 

Ceramic Disc Size: 20 mm in diameter.

2 month warranty.

Water Choices and Maintenance for Ultrasonic Foggers and Misters:

If you use tap, rain, well or pond water, the fogger's sensor for low water level should work properly and shut the fogger off when the water level drops below the recommended level. However, minerals common in these water sources will often corrode the (replaceable) ceramic fogging disc(s) faster, requiring it (the disc) to be replaced more often.

If you use distilled water, your ceramic discs will last longer because of the water quality, but you will need to be very vigilant when checking the water levels so the fogger does not run dry. This is important because when using purified water, the fogger's sensor for low water will not work properly (because it cannot sense the conductivity in the water). The fogger may not sense when to shut the fogger off (to prevent burnout of the ceramic disc) if the water level drops below the recommended level.

Replacement Ultrasonic Fogger Discs: Can be found here.

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