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Custom Pro FT 14000 Floating Pond Fountain & Aerator Kit w/ 100', 150' or 200' Cord

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  • Complete fountain kit for ponds and lakes.
  • Two beautiful fountain spray patterns; 2-Tier spray is 6' tall by 35' wide and the Trumpet is 11' tall by 22' wide.
  • Includes a fountain float measuring 28.5" in diameter.
  • Includes 14,000 GPH pump; select pump cord length: 100', 150' or 200'
  • Adds beauty and oxygenates the water, helping fish and aquatic plants thrive!
  • Fast, easy assembly.


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This complete fountain/aerator kit includes: 
* 14,000 GPH vertical fountain pump that uses 560 watts.
* 100', 150' or 200' pump power cord (select cord length)
* Stainless steel pump filter cage.
* 28.5" Diameter pond fountain float.
* Two 4 inch nozzles.
* Tether rope.
The pump has a 1-year warranty.
The fountain float can be allowed to roam in the pond or lake, or with the included rope, it can be tethered to the shore or anchored with cinder blocks. If cinder blocks are used, they should be placed 3 feet to the side of the float for every 1 foot of pond depth. Thus, in a 5 foot deep pond, the cinder blocks should be 15 feet horizontally from the float. Cinder blocks are not included. 
These kits includes 2 beautiful fountain spray patterns; 2-Tier's spray is 6' tall by 35' wide, while the Trumpet's spray is 11' tall by 22' wide.
A compatible light set for this fountain can be found: Here.
Minimum Operating Depth: 2 ft. 
Please Note: This kit ships in multiple boxes.

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