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Pond Boss DFTN12003L 1/4 HP Floating Fountain w/ Lighting

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  • Complete fountain kit - comes with all necessary components.
  • Includes three fountain nozzles: Trumpet, Single-tier, and 3-tier.
  • Comes with three 1w LED spotlights with a dusk-to-dawn sensor to illuminate your fountain through the night.
  • Features an energy-efficient, 2,300 gph fountain pump.
  • Provides aeration to the pond while looking stunning!
  • Has a 50' power cord.


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The Pond Boss 1/4 HP Floating Fountain provides a gorgeous water display to make your pond or water garden truly stand out. Even at night, with the three included 1w LED spotlights, your fountain will be a stunning centerpiece to your pond or water garden with the beautiful fountain spray illuminated brilliantly. The dusk-to-dawn sensors will automatically turn off the lighting during the day to conserve energy. This kit is suited for use in ponds up to 1/4 of an acre and requires a depth of at least 2.5' to operate. 

Not just a beautiful water feature, this fountain also serves an important function to the health of your pond. The constant splashing of the water from the fountain introduces air into the water, helping to create the conditions that various kinds of aquatic life need in order to thrive. Why not aerate your pond with an attractive, majestic fountain spray? 

This kit includes three fountain nozzles: the Trumpet, Single-tier, and 3-tier. Each of which provides a unique look to suit your preference. The Trumpet nozzle is adjustable and can create water effects up to 15.75' in diameter and 3.6' in height. The 3-tier nozzle creates effects measuring 6.5' in diameter and 10' tall. While the Single-tier nozzle creates a spray 16' in diameter and 10' in height. 

The included energy-efficient pump has a maximum flow rate of 2,300 GPH, and uses a maximum of 130 watts and 1.5 amps. This kit is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Replacement LED Spotlights can be found: Here.

Spray Patterns

ModelSpray Dimensions
Trumpet 15.75' Wide x 3.6' Tall (Adjustable)
Single-tier 16' Wide x 10' Tall
Three-tier 6.5' Wide x 10' Tall

This Kit Includes

  • Energy-efficient 2,300 gph fountain pump.
  • Three fountain nozzles (Trumpet, Single-tier, and 3-tier).
  • 50' power cord.
  • 100' mooring line.
  • Three 1 watt LED spotlights with dusk-to-dawn sensor. 

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