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Fountain Tech FT-1502 Solar Powered Pump & Fountain Kit w/ Three Fountain Heads

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  • Runs automatically in direct sunlight.
  • Solar powered, absolutely free operation cost.
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 358 gph.
  • Maximum Head Height: 70 inches.
  • Includes three fountain heads for additional aeration and circulation.
  • Ideal for small ponds or for supplemental use to power fountains, or even spitters and other pond ornaments.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.


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The ultimate pond pump in energy efficiency. Fountain Tech's Solar Powered Pump & Fountain is part of a new wave of green eco friendly pond products.

This pump turns on automatically in direct sunlight and is virtually maintenance free. This trait makes the Solar Powered pumps ideal for powering non-essential systems, such as pond spitters and other ornaments. The pump also comes with a fountainhead that not only provides a beautiful display, but assists in pond circulation and splash aeration.

This solar-powered system does not have power storage and the pump will not function when sunlight is not present.


ModelMax Flow RateMax Head HeightWattageOutletPump DimensionsSolar Panel Dimensions
FT-1502 358 gph 70" 20 Watts 1/2" ID 6.5" L x 4" W x 5.5" H 17.75" L x 11" W

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