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Large 36" Swinging Ghost Halloween Decoration - Single or 3-Pack

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  • These large ghost decorations sit on a swing and can be easily hung up for an spooky display.
  • Available Models: Smiley, Goofy, Afraid, and a bundle of all three.
  • Each Ghost measures 36" tall and 13" wide.
  • Comes with a 32" long chain to be placed around one of the ghosts, as well as a free spider hanger!
  • Make these Swinging Ghosts a part of your Halloween decor!

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These spooky specters are the perfect touch for a porch or outdoor Halloween display with their ghastly expressions. Watch as their flowing cloaks billow in the wind while they swing back and forth. Their convenient hanger allows these ghosts to be attached to just about any sturdy object and makes them quick and easy to set up. Be sure to impress all the ghouls and goblins that visit this year with these Swinging Ghosts.

There are three available variations of these ghosts: "Smiley", "Goofy", "Afraid", as well as a bundle including all three. "Afraid" additionally comes with a 32" long chain to be placed around it, as well as a free spooky spider hanger. Each Ghost measures an impressive 36" tall and includes a swing hanger for quick and easy setup.

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