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Pondmaster OxyScrub Pond Cleaner

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  • Spot treatment for ponds
  • Deep cleans rocks, waterfalls, plant pots, streams and anywhere organic debris accumulate
  • Reduces yearly clean outs and maintenance
  • Fish Safe! uses the power of oxygen to kill algae and dissolve organic debris
  • One bottle treats 20,000 gallons

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Pondmaster OxyScrub will help remove attached organic debris from waterfalls, streams and rocks in [email protected] Use the maintenance dosage of Pondmaster OxyScrub once a week and help eliminate complete pond shut down for yearly clean-outs.

Pondmaster OxyScrub will also keep fountain intakes clean and remove unsightly scum from the perimeter of any pond size!


  • Treats up to 20,000 gallons
  • Fish Safe and non-toxic
  • Shelf life of 3 years
  • Dose 1/4 cup per 1,000 gallons
  • We suggest also using with barley bales or liquid to help maintain a healthy, sparkling clean pond year round!

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