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Beckett SAP 1.5 Solar Aeration Kit

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  • Boost the oxygen level in your pond or water garden with the energy from the sun!
  • The included 1.5 watt solar panel powers the air pump, which has 0.07 CFM output
  • Ideal for supplemental aeration
  • Includes 6.5 feet of tubing, a diffuser stone and power cord
  • Solar panel requires direct sunlight to power the pump

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The Beckett Corporation SAP 1.5 Solar Aeration Kit is perfect for supplementing oxygenation in a small pond or water garden. The solar panel powers the air pump. The included air stone breaks the air into fine bubbles, gently circulating the water and promoting a healthy pond environment. 

The kit includes everything needed. Just place the solar panel in direct sunlight, and enjoy all the benefits of a well-aerated pond without a monthly operating cost! This kit has a 1 year warranty.

Note: The kit does not have a power storage system. The solar panel must be in direct sunlight to power the air pump.

ModelSuggested Pond SizeMax PondMax OutputWattsCord LengthTubingDiffuserComponents
SAP 1.5 500 Gallons 12 Inches 0.07 CFM 1.5 9.8' 1/2" ID - 6.5' 1 Air Stone Air Pump, 1.5 watt solar panel with mounting stake diffuser

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